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3 Suggested Spots to Put a Gun Safe in Your Home

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Owning a firearm is a right that is important to a lot of people in our country.  Along with that right, however, comes the responsibility to store your guns safely in your home. Using a gun safe is the best way to store your gun while still maintaining access. 

Let's take a look at three ideal places to store a gun safe in your home:

1. Bedside Safe: If you don’t have kids entering your master bedroom often, then this can be a good spot to put a gun safe. If you do have kids entering at all times, then make sure your gun safe remains locked and hidden away.  Best shoulder holster at gun safe spot 10 Best Shoulder Holster For 1911. The bedroom is also a popular choice for your gun safe because you'll be able to access it at night, when you're most susceptible to a burglary. You'll even have the option of keeping the safe near your bedside.

2. Wall Safe: The wall safe is a beautiful and classy option, no matter what décor you have. A wall safe can go in your office, bedroom, or living room and can be concealed by a picture or a piece of art. If you have more than one gun, then you can have multiple wall safes, which might make you feel more comfortable knowing that your guns are split up all over the house.

3. The Basement: The basement is a good spot for those who value storage space upstairs and who want to skip the hassle of mounting their safe. You'll be able to place it in a corner, making it easily accessible, yet out of view.

At Steelwater Gun Safe, we have the gun safes you need for any room in the house. If you'd like to learn more about storing your guns safely with a premium on access control, then visit our website today or call us at 1-866-278-8022. We ship our affordable gun safes anywhere in the country. 

Gun safety Instructor shoots himself in the foot

If you have or are looking to purchase a gun, you may have heard some safety tips regarding guns.  Additionally, gun safety is taught in schools, in an effort to educate children about the potential dangers of a gun.

This is a video of a gun safety instructor who, during the middle of his presentation, literally shoots himself in the foot. Apparently, he does not abide by his own safety advice very well and could have been severely injured, or even killed himself or a student.

If you value gun safety and would like to learn more about gun safes, please contact SteelWater Gun Safes.  We can provide you with a high quality gun safe which can protect from burglary and fire, so please contact us today.


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