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Adrian Colbert takes blame for the Cardinals 75-yard

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touchdown pass There was a bit of a different mood Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers completed their first offensive drive of the day. Everything was clicking mighty well for C.J. Beathard who completed all his passes and Matt Breida tore things up with some vicious runs. But then the defense came on the field. And the Arizona Cardinals offense responded with this: A lot of questions after wereabout who to point the finger at for what is an unacceptable play. Well look no further than Adrian Colbert who bit on Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and opened things up for what happened. And Colbert was quick to own up to the mistake. In his post-interview , Colbert was quick to take the blame: After this play, the 49ers defense started to get together, but never quite found itself until after a second Cardinal touchdown put the 49ers into a hole they never quite managed to dig themselves out of. The rest of the day , the Cardinals benefited mightily from a dead 49ers offense that went kaplooey on more than one occasion while their own offense couldn’t muster much of anything beyond their first couple of drives.While it’s nice to see Colbert take responsibility for these things, one has to wonder if it falls more on him, the secondary , or someone who is calling the shots. The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals square off this weekend in what is effectively the opposite of a potential playoff preview. Any drama for fans will be who gets a slight upper-hand in the race for a higher draft pick.It is worth noting again that draft tiebreakers do not include head-to-head performance. There are only two tiebreakers. The first is strength of schedule, with the weaker SOS getting the better pick. If SOS is tied, the only other tiebreaker is a coin flip at the NFL Combine.Football Outsiders updated their playoff and draft picks odds Youth Brock Coyle Jersey , and the Cardinals and 49ers are atop the list for both No. 1 pick odds and top five pick odds. The Cardinals have a 35.4 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick and an 86.4 percent chance at a top five pick. The 49ers have a 21.3 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick and a 71.2 percent chance at a top five pick.The top five teams in the draft odds remain the same, but the Giants’ loss to the Falcons bumped them up from 8.0 percent to 11.2 percent for the No. 1 overall pick. It is interesting that the one-win Giants and Raiders are behind the two-win Bills in the odds. It likely has to do with the Bills remaining schedule being absolutely brutal. I’ve included remaining schedules below for the top seven teams in playoff odds.Draft order remaining schedule, Weeks 8-17Week49ersCardinalsBillsRaidersGiantsBrownsColtsWeek49ersCardinalsBillsRaidersGiantsBrownsColts

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