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Dr. James Stowitts says to encourage h

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As our marriage relationship evolves through time , there may be a few bumps in the road that lead us to question whether or not our husband is having an affair. Here are some tips to help safe guard your relationship.

Emotional Intimacy Keeps A Marriage Strong

There may be a time when you feel more like a roommate than a wife, that you are both just co-existing in the same house but not really growing as a couple.

When this happens, it is clear that there is a need to invest some time in strengthening your relationship. Time should be taken daily to talk, give loving touches , sharing feelings and dreams and cut back on activities that take away time from your marriage.

Developing emotional intimacy builds strong bonds that are not easily torn down. It's important to nourish an emotional intimacy that will keep the marriage strong so that you don't have to worry about your husband being tempted by an affair.

Have Fun In Your Marriage and Remember That Variety Really Is The Spice of Life!

If the fun and spontaneity of your marriage has been replaced with resignation and complacency, then it's time to spice up your marriage.

As you spice up your marriage with activities that are of interest to you and your husband, it keeps you involved with each other's lives. As you have fun together, you both will be happier and there is a natural sex appeal about a happy person.

Whether it's renting a jet ski , going camping and hiking, or attending a play. Find things that are fun to do, spice up your life and give you opportunities to spend time together.

Don't Make Rash Decisions

If your worst fear is realized and your husband really is having an affair, don't make any rash decisions until you have considered all of the facts.

You may have said if your spouse ever had an affair you'd get a divorce. However , every situation is different and there is no cookie cutter answer for every case. Thus, it's important to look very carefully at the details of your situation and any extenuating circumstances.

You are in a better position to make a decision when you consider all the facts. Many people faced with a similar situation discover that their love for their husband creates a desire within them to save their marriage rather than throw it to the wolves.

Those who have struggled through rebuilding their marriage, and fixing the things that allowed for an affair find a marriage relationship that comes out so much the better than it had ever been before.
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