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How to resolve psychological issues and member problems

Here are a few things that might contribute to member problems on a psychological level, as well as what a man can do about them.

1. Worries about a small male organ. Men are conditioned to believe that bigger is better. That’s why they often obsess over the size of their male organ; and even if they are in the ‘normal’ range, that doesn’t seem to be enough. They take a dim view of their size, which means they often take a dim view of their prowess in the sack. Their worries about size means they already have significant psychological issues to overcome in order to enjoy their time in bed with a partner; some men have trouble doing that, and thus, have trouble getting it up. A man should be realistic about his size and realize that it really comes down to his actions in bed – not the size of the equipment he brings to the party.

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3. Worries about relationships. Often, a man who is in a relationship in which he is unsure might find himself unable to perform as he used to. This often points to a serious problem with trust, respect or other issues in the relationship that spill over into the bedroom. The best way to combat this is to have a long, honest discussion with a partner Cole Hamels Jersey , and look into counseling if necessary.

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