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Hackers Are Exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol:

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The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) discovered in any contemporary Windows variant is intended to allow users to connect to a laptop remotely via a network connection. But while the function is helpful for IT administrators managing a system fleet or connecting to your home computer while you're away, hackers have also utilized it many times to stage cyberattacks. A couple of new developments indicate that the problem may be getting worse.
Yesterday (6 June) security scientists at Brazil's Morphus Labs revealed the discovery of a botnet attempting to infect over 1.5 million Windows devices through their Remote Desktop Protocol links. Dubbed GoldBrute, by imagining the username and password, the botnet attempts to "brute force" its entry into a Windows computer. The botnet malware installs itself if it succeeds and scans for extra RDP endpoints to strike.
This news emerges a few weeks after BlueKeep was discovered, a catastrophic vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol that led both Microsoft and the National Security Agency to urge older Windows computer users, including Windows XP, to update their systems.
At least one million internet-facing PCs running Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008 are susceptible to "wormable" malware that might exploit the BlueKeep bug and spread from one system to another. Any single susceptible machine in an enterprise network could be used as a launchpad to attack the entire network, and one BlueKeep-based proof-of-concept attack has been shown. If you are a Windows user who usually does not use the Remote Desktop Protocol, we suggest that you make sure that it is disabled. Here's how to switch off Remote Desktop Protocol to avoid your PC from being exploited by hackers.
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