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Aqualeva Face Cream Knead your fingers under the chin, holding the cheekbones with the rest of your fingers. You can slightly grab the skin and pinch it (but not sip) - work your chin from the middle to your earlobes, from the corners of your mouth to your ears. Gymnastics for removing a second chin includes simple but effective exercises: - Vigorous movements of the chin from the chest and up - fold your head back with force. - The tip of the tongue rests on the upper sky, then on the lower teeth - perform movements alternately and quickly. - Put your chin on your locked hands and push it with force, reverse movement - your hands will press on the chin. - Lock your hands behind the neck and turn your chin first to the right and then to the left. - With a sharp movement, push your chin forward and bring it back. The skin of the chin may sag due to a dramatic weight loss or natural aging processes, so she needs tightening compresses. Apply any cream to the skin and tie the chin with an elastic bandage - perform the procedure every evening for half an hour. Wash your face with a light twitching of the chin with a towel moistened with an aqueous solution of vodka, salt and lemon juice. Compresses of boiled potatoes and yeast dough eliminate skin laxity. A radical way to remove a double chin is mini liposuction. The operation is performed in cosmetic clinics and requires the presence of elastic and elastic skin. Facial aging is a loss of skin elasticity. Adverse changes become more noticeable with age. Start caring for yourself before they become apparent. Especially noticeable first wrinkles around the eyes. Moisturize the skin more often - in the morning, in the evening, if necessary, and throughout the day. Get a special eye cream, preferably with a dense, nourishing texture. Use products containing retinoid - they promote cell renewal, give the skin a soft, and fresh face to the face. If age changes are not yet noticeable, start drinking more water.
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