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me Minister of Japan Tomiichi Murayama on

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BEIJING [url=]Cheap Nene Jersey[/url] , Jan. 4 (Xinhua) -- China will lift controls on prices of 24 commodities and services, said the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on Sunday.

Market will decide the price of tobacco leaves, the last agricultural product to be freed from government price control, said a statement on the commission website.

The NDRC said businesses will be allowed to decide how much they want to pay for tobacco leaves, but a minimum price will be set to protect farmers.

China began to liberalize the farm produce market in 1978, and tobacco is the last remaining controlled price.

The government has retained its regulatory role through state storage programs [url=]Cheap Clint Capela Jersey[/url] , by maintaining minimum prices and giving subsidies on some products.

Prices of railway bulk cargo, parcels and privately funded cargo and passenger transport will also be allowed to float.

Railway passenger and cargo prices have been decided by the government, but lag far behind changes of road and water transportation prices, which has impeded the development of the railway sector, said Sun Zhang, a professor with Tongji University.

In April rail freight prices were freed up on the Zhunchi Railway [url=]Cheap Luc Mbah a Moute Jersey[/url] , a short private railway in north China, as a pilot.

Shi Lixin, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Systems and Management under the NDRC, said the pilot had shown that private investors could participate in railway construction and set an example for price reform.

Prices of domestic air cargo will be freed, as well as prices of passenger transport of some airlines.

Wu Tongshui, deputy director of China Air Transport Association [url=]Cheap Joe Johnson Jersey[/url] , said the move will help activate the market, attract more private investment and enhance the competitive edges of carriers.

Limits will be removed on port service fees, including fees on container loading, ship rubbish treatment and water supply.

Limits will be removed on factory prices of explosives for civil use.

The NDRC will prevent high price volatility and keep a close eye on market order after controls are lifted.

101 iconic British landmarks and places have been given Mandarin names, chosen by the Chinese public, as part of a British tourism agency drive to lure more Chinese tourists.

HARD-TO-PRONOUNCE British place names are getting a Mandarin makeover with sometimes surprising results [url=]Cheap PJ Tucker Jersey[/url] , Britain’s tourism agency said yesterday as part of a campaign to encourage more Chinese tourists.

VisitBritain released 101 new suggested names for famous landmarks provided by the Chinese public through online polling on social media.

London’s iconic skyscraper “The Shard” could be “A tower allowing us to pluck stars from the sky” in Chinese, and Savile Row, well known for its high-end tailors, could become “Tall, rich, handsome street” or “Custom-made rich people street.”

The proposed Mandarin name for the Scottish delicacy “haggis” is “Made of sheep’s stomach and smells good [url=]Cheap Robert Horry Jersey[/url] ,” while Edinburgh’s Royal Mile avenue in Scotland is: “A beautiful street with long history and profound culture.”

Hadrian’s Wall, the ruin that marked the northern frontier of the Roman Empire, is the grand-sounding “Wall of Eternity” and the seaside resort of Blackpool could be “A place that is happy to visit.”

“Digital engagement is one of our strengths and this campaign has been hugely effective at driving this with our potential Chinese visitors,” Sally Balcombe, chief executive of VisitBritain, said in a statement.

Chinese visitors to Britain spent nearly 500 million pounds (US$771 million) in 2013 and the government is aiming to double that amount by 2020.

The number of tourists to Britain reached a record-high of 34.8 million in 2014 — six percent higher than in 2013 [url=]Cheap Clyde Drexler Jersey[/url] , VisitBritain said.

TOKYO, March 10 (Xinhua)-- Japanese media and public on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to face up to history squarely, citing German Chancellor Angela Merkel's words"facing World War II crimes is key to reconciliation"during a lecture in Tokyo.

As the lecture's sponsor, the Asahi Shimbun reported Tuesday that"It's a surprise that Merkel, who is always cautious in speech, to mention history problem directly when visiting Japan." "Given the progress of the summit [url=]Cheap Charles Barkley Jersey[/url] , Japan and German have different opinions in historical recognition,"the newspaper said, adding"Merkel referred to German's own experience, but Abe did not respond accordingly." "Merkel cited the late German President Richard Von Weizsaecker' s famous 1985 speech in which he called the end of WWII in Europe a'day of liberation,'showing clearly that confront history squarely is the precondition for German to be accepted by international community,"head of Seigakuin University Kang Sang- jung said.

Political scientists believed it is an important message Merkel delivered to Japan [url=]Cheap Steve Francis Jersey[/url] , which could also be regarded as an indirect suggestion to Abe's landmark war-anniversary statement scheduled for August.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun said Merkel's declaration revealed her dissatisfaction with Japan's attitude when solving relations with neighboring countries."She hopes Japan's relations with its close neighboring countries will not be worse."

Masaru Kaneko, a professor of Japan's Keio University, criticized Japan's non-action in taking wartime responsibility." Moreover, the government (of Abe) is trying to rebuild the militarism system. It's truly a setback."

Former Prime Minister of Japan Tomiichi Murayama on Monday stated his own worries related to the 1995 statement issued in his name. "Abe may want to water down and make changes to (the Murayama statement) that acknowledged and apologized for Japan's colonial rule and aggression,"Murayama said on a TV program."Changing the sentiment of that statement could negate all of its benefits to Japan,"he stressed.

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