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Everyone wants a healthy and happy dog and when an owner finds tear stains on their Maltese it will most likely concern them very much. Most dog owners are familiar with tear stains Cody Whitehair Jersey , even if they do not know the name of the condition or the cause. It looks almost as though the dog is crying a brown-orange color and the stains may become crusted and embedded in the fur. Tear stains on Maltese breeds are common. It is caused by moisture from the tear ducts building up in long fur. The result is a bacterial infection that produces this unsightly appearance. Although tear stains will not harm the dog, it is uncomfortable and really detracts from the appearance of this beautiful breed.

There are many underlying causes of tear stains and the Maltese family can aid the recovery of the dog by minimizing the triggers of this issue and treating it with a formula that has been developed to permanently remove the bacteria that causes tear stains.

The Underlying Causes of Tear Stains

Some of the triggers that can bring on tear staining issues include:

鈥?Drinking Water- Water that splashes around the eyes and causes a moisture buildup.

鈥?Food- Meat pulp in commercial dog food irritates the fur and can be a source of tear staining.

鈥?Allergies- Some dogs become irritated by air conditioning, heat and smoke.

鈥? Irritants- Urban environments Leonard Floyd Jersey , the dog hanging his head out the window and many environmental pollutants can trigger tear stains.

鈥?Genetics- Some dogs are susceptible to ear infections that can contribute to tear staining.

鈥? Bathing- When water becomes trapped in the ears after a bath it could cause an infection. Dogs need their ears dried thoroughly.

鈥? Grooming- Longer haired dogs benefit from having their ear hair trimmed with blunt tipped scissors or plucked. A dog groomer can do this if the owner is uncomfortable grooming the dog on their own.

By preventing the triggers to tear staining any Maltese breed can have their chances of developing this infection significantly reduced. It will also make any dog more comfortable and happy.

A Permanent Solution to Tear Staining

There are over-the-counter formulas on the market can permanently remove tear stains within 14-60 days. This is an anti-bacterial, powdered food that is easily added into the regular diet and treats on a daily basis. The medication is available in four varieties and is nutritious and healthy for the dog. By using this product the potent anti-bacterial herb blend attacks the bacteria and kills it permanently and it will not require continual use. After the dog is cured of the tear staining it should never return again.

Even though tear staining is common in the Maltese breed it is preventable and curable by taking these precautions and using the recommended formula. Pets鈥?Spark provides an affordable and effective medication to permanently remove tear stains on the Maltese. For product information visit, PetsSpark.

Pets Spark is a tear stain removal formula that works from within to eliminate pet tear stains on the Maltese. Learn about tear stains and how Pets Spark can heal your pet on www.petsspark.


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