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Get Experience Growth & Jade Vein Seed from RS Jade Vein

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Released along with the quest Back to my Roots, the RuneScape Jade Vine is an repeatable event that can bring you quite a considerable amount of increase in Farming skill, Slayer skill, as well as Woodcutting skill. Besides all the experience, you can also get Jade Vein seed to repeat the event for more experience.

Introduction to Jade Vein

After you complete the quest Back to my Roots, you will be rewarded with a Jade Vein seed, with which you can start the repeatable journey to improve a range of different skills. To start with, plant the seed you get next to Horacio's jade vine patch in front of Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne. Let it grow till it is ready to be checked. Then, you can choose to prune it, which will bring you 150 Farming experience. However, choosing to let it grow into wild Jade Vine, and fight it for 2,500 Slayer experience and 650 Woodcutting experience is also a good choice. Besides, at killing, the vein also drops Jade Vein seed so that you can repeat the above process.

How to kill your Jade Vine?

1.The Jade Vine is vulnerable to hatchet attack or melee attack.
2.Dreadnips can also cause damage to the vein if you have no hatchet.
3.Be careful on the use of protection prayers, since it is partially efficient to the vein due to its adoption of all three combat styles.
4.A dose of super antipoisonpotion, poison purge aura or an anti-poison totem is recommended in your fight against the vain, since each of its attack takes 70 life points with its poison effect.

5.Once you are caught and stunned by the tendrils of the vein, the basic Defend ability Freedom can help you out.
With the tips above, we hope you can gain a lot progress in your skills like Slayer skill. Now get cheap rs3 gold from to fight RuneScape Jade Vein for experience and Jade Vein seed.
Strona główna forum » Tuning » Get Experience Growth & Jade Vein Seed from RS Jade Vein
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