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How often should laser hair removal sessions be performed?

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Removing unwanted hair

Laser Hair Removal Although it is rapidly becoming common among people and many people have resorted to hair removal, it is not a fast and efficient process and it can help everyone. Eliminate unnecessary hair in one area takes time. To get the most out of this treatment, people need to go through 5 to 10 laser sessions and each of these sessions should be within 10 weeks of their previous session. This is due to the nature of the human body and the process of hair growth that directly affects the cycle of using a laser to eliminate hair.
Below we will discuss how this process works.

Human hair growth cycle

To understand what the process of laser hair removal is, you first need to know what the hair growth cycle in the body is like. Deep in the skin of your body, there are small holes or holes in the hair follicles. The hair follicles are actually the roots of the hair and the hair begins to grow inside them. Each hair follicle undergoes three different growth phases during its growth process, each of which can last from a few days to several months or years. It all depends on where the hair follicle is located and what type of hair is missing. The following are the various phases that hair follicles go through during their growth process.

• Growth Phase: The growth phase, also known as Anagen, is the activity phase of hair follicles. Excess body hair may remain in this phase from days to months. 15% to 20% of body hair is in the growth phase at any one time. These hair that is in the growth phase or so-called active are the same hair that the laser targets and causes.
• Transition Phase: The transition phase, known as Catagen, is a time when hair growth stops and the hair changes from active to passive. During this time, the follicles become smaller than the active state and are separated from their nutritional resources that provide the nutrients needed for growth. During this period, the protrusions that occur at the site of hair growth on the skin due to the growth of the hair is destroyed and the surface of the skin in the pores becomes completely smooth and without bumps. Excessive hair may remain in this condition for days to weeks.
• Rest Phase: The rest phase, known as Telogen, is the time it takes for the follicles to regain their energy and replenish their food supply to resume their activity. In this period, once the follicles absorb the nutrients they need, they begin to grow again, and the bumps from the hair growth appear again on the skin and the excess hair appears on the skin again. After this period the hair re-enters the activity or anagen phase and resumes its growth.

How does laser hair loss cause hair loss? (How Hair Laser Works)

During the laser hair removal process, a trained work technician who holds a formal certification of activity uses a laser device on your skin. The laser device removes the laser beam to intensify and concentrate to destroy the hair follicles in your skin. These concentrated light rays convert to heat and are absorbed by your hair follicles in active phase. This process is known as Photothermoysis. When hair follicles absorb heat from the laser beam, they become inactive, which in turn causes the follicles to lose their ability to grow new hair. In a shorter time than hair follicles absorb focused laser rays, they lose their hair and never grow back.

During the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, the color of the hair follicles within the follicles is at their highest level, and this absorbs the laser rays well. These hair follicles are capable of absorbing much of the heat and energy of the laser beams, which disables their growth. Since the amount of grain in the hair follicles in other phases of the growth cycle is not as much as they are in the active or growing phase, the hair in the other phases is not as affected as the hair in the active phase. Laser rays do not fall. Therefore, laser radiation can only destroy the hair follicles in the growth phase. Only one-third or less of the hair is in the growth phase at any given time. For this reason, every person needs to have multiple laser sessions to eliminate all the excess hair on their body.

Schedule time for laser hair removal sessions

Because not all body hairs are destroyed by a single laser session, and multiple laser sessions are required for all hair follicles to be affected by the laser beam and permanently inactivated, so you need to schedule Be careful and orderly about your laser sessions. Depending on the size of the area and the type of hair of the individual body, most people have 5 to 10 sessions of reed laser
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