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How to pack furniture to prepare for moving

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How to pack furniture to prepare for moving it to a new place
The furniture packaging process requires extreme care and accuracy in the packaging process, and the use of the best and strongest packaging tools, in order to ensure the safety and security of the furniture after the transfer process. Therefore, we will present the packaging methods for the following
Kitchenware Packaging
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An institution for packing luggage uses special cartons to transport kitchen utensils, because kitchen utensils are considered one of the things that can be broken, because most kitchen utensils are made of glass. Therefore, the furniture packaging company in Riyadh is one of the companies specialized in the process of transportation and packaging everywhere. It packs and transports furniture without any scratches or shocks. شراء شاشات مستعملة

wood packaging
With regard to wood packaging, the company’s specialized workers disassemble the furniture into parts, and after dismantling it, we wrap the furniture with reinforced papers and then stick it well, and if we notice the presence of protruding parts of the furniture, in this case we put foam in order to preserve the furniture from being scratched or lost.
Packaging of dishes, tray and cutlery
Chinese dishes are among the things that are subject to breakage, so we put each layer and the other of the china with a cork, and then we put it in cartons, and we put between a group of dishes and the hereafter plates of cork in order to keep it from breaking. As for the cutlery, we stick each set of knives and spoons together Then we wrap it well with cork bags.
Antiques and antiques packaging
Antiques and antiques are among the beautiful things that decorate the house and must be preserved. Therefore, we wrap antiques and antiques. It is best to wrap each piece in Babylonian bags and put them in a carton or box of its own so that it is not exposed to breakage or scratching.
Packaging tools at the Furniture Packaging Company in Riyadhشراء شاشات مستعملة بالرياض

Dear customer, the furniture packaging company in Riyadh must provide a wide range of materials in order to protect the furniture that is being moved, the most important of which are the following
Thick cartons: It is one of the important elements that a furniture packaging company exists in Riyadh, and therefore thick cartons may be used to fill some of the contents that may be found in every home, and the cartons may vary in their sizes, there are cartons for wrapping pieces of furniture that are being dismantled and the second type Of the cartons, which are square cartons in order to add kitchen utensils and glass objects, and the third type, which is the medium cartons, which are used to fill the clothes of all members of the house.
Strong plastic bags: Plastic bags are used to fill the customer's belongings before placing them in cartons.
Thick sponge: Thick sponge is one of the important things in our company. The thick sponge is cut in order to surround the contents that we put in the cartons in order to preserve it during the transportation process.
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