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kely that you’ll get insura

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A lot of drivers out there don’t believe that your insurance company can be linked to your various accounts on social services. The insurance provider is not likely to have access to your Facebook profile Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey , to your Twitter, or even your Bebo information. This has definitely been the case up to now. Even though none of the insurance companies so far have done social research on an individual, it could possibly be a stream they will want to follow. Through social cues, the insurance firms can get a better idea of an individual’s true inner personality and their driving history.

Below, we’ll explain how car insurance companies are using social networking sites Derek Jeter Authentic Jersey , and describe the ways they hope to leverage the information they find. You’ll also learn the reason this trend is likely to grow in the future.

Auto Insurers Expand Their Pool Of Data

Auto insurers currently use your driving record, living address, the type of vehicle you drive, and other factors, to calculate your premiums. This information allows them to better predict the chances you’ll file a claim in the future. For example Aaron Judge Jersey , if your driving record is spotless, you’re less likely to cause an at-fault collision than someone who has multiple speeding tickets on their record. Likewise, driving a vehicle that has a low claims loss history poses a lower risk of insurance loss than a car with a high claims loss history.

But consider the other types of information that may prove useful to insurance companies. For example, suppose a policyholder is a member of the Facebook groups “Driving Fast” or “Driving While High.” Both may indicate behavior behind the wheel that suggests a higher risk of insurance loss. Companies that discover their policyholders are members of such groups may raise their rates, or decline to extend coverage once their contracts expire.

But how far is too far? What types of personal information should be off-limits to insurers? To answer this question Dellin Betances Jersey , it’s worth reviewing how car insurance companies are regulated in their use of information.

The Impact Of Regulations On Insurers

All provinces and territories impose regulations upon insurance companies that limit the types of information they can use when calculating rates. For example, Ontario precludes the use of a person’s employment status, credit history, car ownership versus lease agreement, and possession of a credit card. Other provinces have similar regulations in place. This is important to remember as more insurers look online for information about their policyholders.

Even though social networking sites Sonny Gray Jersey , such as Facebook and Twitter, have been around for years, they represent new territory in the context of collecting data to set rates. Thus, there are few regulations that address them. This is likely to change, but the direction in which it does remains unclear. Will insurance companies be allowed to use photographs on your Facebook account to help determine your rates? Will they be able to “spy” on your accounts in the same way a private investigator photographs people suspected of disability insurance fraud?

These and other questions must be addressed as insurers continue to explore social networking sites to monitor their policyholders. It is likely that every province and territory will handle these issues differently.

Car Insurance Companies Will Increasingly Use Social Media

There are a few obstacles – in addition to regulatory hurdles – for insurers that want to leverage social network sites. For example Aroldis Chapman Jersey , it is difficult to identify a given policyholder as the owner of a Twitter or Facebook account. This is especially true for those with common names; there may be hundreds of people on these sites named “Mark Jones.”

Second, membership in certain social media groups does not necessarily represent bad driving behavior. That is, how can an insurance company know for certain whether a policyholder in the Facebook group, “Driving Fast,” actually drives fast?

As time passes C.C. Sabathia Jersey , most and more of these problems will be fixed through various technological advancements. In the future, it’s quite likely that you’ll get insurance rates depending on the social networks you’re part of. The implications are huge. But as noted earlier, this trend is likely to continue. If anything, this represents yet another reason to evaluate auto insurers side by side before choosing one that meet your needs.

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