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ki-jersey[/url] , etc.

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Searching out for Pay Per Head shop:
For any local bookie interested in expanding his operation signing up with a Pay per Head Company that offers bookmaking software is the next logical step to take. When searching around the market you will find that there is not only an extensive amount of companies out there Cheap Randall Telfer Jersey , but also that most of them will assure you they are offering the best service of them all. This makes the entire process of choosing your Pay per head shop more difficult and complicated as you will need to be able to discern which of them are for real and which others are just making false promises.

Look out for Post Up Sportsbooks:
Even though there is some factors you need to compare between companies (player website, customization, test accounts, lines accuracy Authentic Luke Falk Jersey , servers redundancy, etc.), there is one aspect of extreme importance that you would want to look out when reading reviews and calling these companies, this is the fact of whether they are , or affiliated in some way with a Post Up Sportsbook. Even before you pick the phone you ought to find out if the Pay per head shop you are considering also does Post up, if they do you better off moving to the next one and not wasting your time because this can cost you, your entire operation.

Conflict of interests:
The Pay Per Head Company that you finally decide to do business with should have one and only one interest in the business relationship: Providing great quality bookmaking and betting services at a reasonable fee per player. The biggest problem with Post up sportsbooks is that they break this rule by getting their own interests into the table. This type of companies make their money in the same way as the bookie: taking bets from players, collecting from the losers Cheap Daniel Kilgore Jersey , and paying out the winners; you are probably starting to see the important conflict of interests that this represents.

Shaking hands with the enemy:
There is nothing that stops the post up sportsbook to do everything in their power to start turning your players against you and make them sign up directly with them. By signing up with one of these companies you are basically giving them a list of active players; from there they only need to offer them a better deal than you to make them switch to their side. They do this in the form of all kind of bonuses and promotions: initial deposits, re-up deposits, new member referrals, rebates , etc. And remember that they not only have a list of players that you have provided at the time of registration, but they also know which of them are the biggest losers; these are who they will first come after.

Final thoughts:
So consider yourself informed; when searching around for a pay per head provider look out for which of them are actually post up sportsbooks offering pay per head services for local bookies. Take your time to do your own research reading reviews for the top-rated price per head companies; make sure you use more than one reviews site to make sure the source of the information is legit. Using betting forums is also a good idea; create an account and ask around for opinions on the particular pay per head companies you are most interested in. Finally pick up the phone and call these people directly to find out what they really are all about.

Picking a post-up sportsbook can seriously compromise your business because you will be literally shaking hands with the enemy. This can cost you your entire operation and all for what you've worked so hard and put so much of your time into.

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