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The correct method of skin care after laser hair removal

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The process of laser hair removal is that the hair follicles under the skin are targeted and killed by the laser. Killing the hair follicles can have consequences for the skin that you can easily get rid of by the effects of the laser care. Laser Hair Removal Specialists suggest steps that can be followed easily after each laser treatment session.

Use sunscreen

In general, using sunscreen can be beneficial for the skin, but keep in mind that using this hygienic product after laser hair removal is absolutely essential. Skin that has recently undergone laser treatment and its hair has been removed will be extremely vulnerable to sunlight. Under these conditions, even a few moments of direct sunlight can be harmful to the skin. Because in general, hair removal lasers use a range of thermal wavelengths that are very similar to the thermal wavelengths of the sun. This resemblance to wavelength is much greater, especially for people with darker skin color.
To minimize sunlight on the skin, it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Keep in mind that the duration of the sunscreen effect is short and over time these worms will disappear from the skin. Therefore, it is very important to apply sunscreen regularly to your skin at regular intervals. It is best to re-use the sunscreen every time you leave your home, work, and covered areas.

Avoid warming the skin

After the laser hair removal procedure, you should keep your skin warm for 24 to 48 hours. Warming up of the skin will open the skin's openings and cause discomfort and tenderness. So it is best not to use hot showers, hot tubs, steam rooms as well as saunas in the first few days after the laser.

Laser Hair Removal After Hair Removal

After laser hair removal in the same area for a day or two, you may feel uncomfortable, allergic, and have mild pain. These discomforts are quite natural and can be alleviated by remedies. You can use an ice compress on the laser to reduce the pain. You can also use painkillers to relieve pain in the area. It is best to consult the laser therapist who provided the laser services for the health products you intend to use to improve your skin. You can also contact our experts for more information.

Do not use topical medicines and cosmetics

One of our most important advice to patients who have laser hair removal is to not use cosmetics as well as topical medications such as anti-acne cream at the laser site. These substances can irritate the treated area and even block the benefits of your skin, which will delay your next laser treatment session. The only cosmetics that can be used after laser treatment are mineral cosmetics. Note that you can only use this type of cosmetics when you have used it before laser treatment and make sure your skin is not sensitive to it.
Our specialists will be with you at all stages of hair removal and are ready to provide you with all the best quality care and care at your loved one.
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