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The processing technology for poultry feed pellets

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At present, the manufacturing of hen feed is generally made by using weight proportioning, batch mixing and batch production. This manufacturing technological know-how can be divided into two kinds in practice: one is the manufacturing science of crushing, batching, mixing, and the different is the compound batching, crushing and mixing.
Raw substances reception—cleaning and elimination of impurities (sieving, magnetic selection) – crushing—batching—mixing—pelletizing—sieving & cooling—feed pellets packaging (bulk)—power product packaging (bulk)

This technology has the attribute that the uncooked fabric can be overwhelmed through variety, which can completely exert the crusher’s efficiency. For example, by using cloth features, fowl breed (or boom stage), or physiological necessities of the object, person can select one-of-a-kind grinding size. However, as the uncooked substances are smashed via varieties, greater batching packing containers are needed; at the identical time, normal substitute of uncooked substances makes operation complex. But this technological know-how is pretty appropriate for fowl feed manufacturing which has types of uncooked materials, various system and excessive requirement on matching ratio.

Raw substances reception (cleaning impurities) – batching — sifting — crushing — mixing — pelletizing — sieving & cooling — feed pellets packaging (bulk) — strength product packaging (bulk)

The characteristics of this method are:
Batching earlier than crushing makes all feed uncooked substances have uniform particle size, which is convenient for feed pellet production.
It can shop silos, due to the fact the batching bin is additionally the storage silo of uncooked substances and excipients, and the crushing chamber solely performs a buffer role.
The continuity of the manner requires the tools with accurate aiding overall performance and excessive technical level. The sieving process after batching makes the powdery uncooked substances and excipients that do now not want crushing can be despatched at once to the mixer for mixing.
Strona główna forum » Tuning » The processing technology for poultry feed pellets
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